Business Solutions Are Also Marketing Solutions

All business owners want to find new and better ways to attract more customers. They also want to know how to keep the customers they have and sell those customers more stuff.

There are many ways to attract prospective customers – print advertising, radio, TV, the Internet, networking groups, direct marketing, mail/email campaigns and more.
The first challenge is to determine which method or methods will work best for your business. It’s one of those “pay attention to the results” things. If the marketing program you use produces the results you want, that’s good. If not, it needs to be tweaked or replaced with a different method.

Even when you find a marketing method that works it should be evaluated and tested regularly. Develop multiple methods that work. Test them against one another. Work to improve them and develop others that work. The more effective you are at getting the word out the better the results.

Finding the right marketing approach is hugely important, but important as it is, it’s only one of the components needed to attract and retain customers.

The other components are the 5 building blocks of every business – people, structure, leadership, trust, and effective communication.

Once you attract potential customers you need to convert them to actual customers. Money needs to change hands.

Although some campaigns that market specific products and services focused on specific groups can convert prospects to customers in one step, most conversions require a sales process. Successful sales processes include the right people using a well-planned sales system and effective communication designed to build trust and help the prospects make good buying decisions.

Once the sale is complete the product or service has to be delivered in a way that exceeds customer expectations. Once customers take delivery they have to be responded to and treated correctly in the event they have problems with or concerns about their purchases.

All of these business components and more are either successful or not depending the quality of the people, the structure, the leadership, the trust and the communication in an organization.

The best possible result is that each of these five building blocks is of high quality and when combined they create lots of positive talk about the business in the community. When employees, customers, vendors and others say good things about a business, the products and services they offer, and the way customers and employees are treated, the ultimate in marketing is achieved.

By all means develop, improve and expand on your marketing and branding methods. But, invest as much, if not more, in the basic components of your business. The return on your investment will be huge!

Business Solutions With Task Management Software

Task Management Software contains work groups with a flexible and easy to execute that give managers, team leaders, and client’s information related to their tasks. It provides an interface for users to schedule events related to task. This software helps to perform and track all tasks with your team. It gives you an immediate picture of task to you and your team. It offers office productivity and efficiency with automatic task time and budgeting. It allows you to meet deadlines and it also measures your results of your reports. It becomes completely a collaboration environment where all the team members discuss with their manager about the project task.

Web based Task Management Software enable easy online collaboration. It offers marvelous opportunities for the way your business handles work flow, task assignments and status of project etc. You can easily create shared tasks for a group or personal task for yourself as well in business solutions. You also have control over management entailing who can view your each work, assigning tasks to group members and adjusting etc. You can easily create and track projects from this software and then your project will track no. of tasks under a project name, description, and project folder. This accommodates a great way to execute and optimize your work flow in business.

Task wise is an accomplished solution for all your company’s management needs. It increases the productivity of your business and also controls the key projects and rearranges your business operations. Now days, this software will give you the edge you need to grow your business. Task management provides you powerful task management tools to distribute and track tasks and projects across your activity. It manages the sharing of large lists, notes and files that help your team to stay on the top of what’s pivotal so they can convey it on time. User can easily interface for time sheet entry and enhance the experience as well. They can also discover relevant tasks quickly and easily.

If we talk about business solutions with task management software then it helps you to accomplish the goals you set in your task. Now you can see that task management has become more powerful because task is an essential unit of anything you do. So whatever you do on your task level, it will manipulate the whole project and business plan. An individual must have the knowledge about task management starting from creating a task till its conclusion and then he should illustrate management software as practical and useful information for people who want to work better and superior in business solutions.

Hire Dot Net Developers for Web Based Business Solutions

Microsoft ASP Dot NET is accepted as one of the safest and secured programming languages, and because of this, it’s gained burgeoning popularity and recognition. It is the most preferred option by enterprise level organizations, dealing in quantitative data and information, as it allows enterprises to keep their data intact and flawless. There are plethora of other benefits that you can enjoy if you hire Dot Net Developers. The developers, leveraging the powerful features and tools, can create a robust and dynamic web application for you.

Services to Expect

Hiring a professional and expert ASP.NET developer can get you several services like console app, database application, mobile application, windows application, web app, web service (XML based), WCF service app, crystal reports app, upgrading applications from ASP to ASP.NET, user control application etc.

In addition, if you hire Dot Net Developers with comprehensive experience, they would act as a consultant too. You can develop the understanding of the market, leveraging their knowledge of the domain and technicalities.

Some of the most prominent factors that stimulate the trend of hiring professional ASP.NET developers include:

Ideal Business Solutions

.Net technology is the ideal choice for creating web based apps and pages, particularly enterprise management apps that should be highly secure and safe. Having dedicated .Net resources allow the enterprises in obtaining requisite business solutions. It can easily improve their business processes and assist them in handling their business activities in a better way. The dedicated developers deliver affordable solution in a predefined budget and time line.

Saves Overhead Cost

With the accelerating popularity and demand of ASP.NET solutions, several offshore development company have taken a plunge into this segment of market for offering business solutions to global clients. This has transformed this trend a great way of saving on the development and related overhead cost. You can save administration, infrastructure, hiring resource, and maintenance of the setup costs.

Highly Skilled and Affordable Resource

Offshore service providers have a team of well talented and qualified developers, expert in their respective domains. These firm hand picks the best talent and skilled developers to create a great team. It assures you that you will get the best of breed and top notch developers. In addition, they maintain seamless and constant communication with their clients to deliver their clients the best solution given their specification and business needs.

Experienced and Committed Resource

Developers who are dedicated to the clients have an extensive range of experience, which enable them easily understand the desired features in your web solution without compromising with the quality standards. Apart from this, most of the offshore companies offer clients the opportunity to select the best resource that they want to work on their project. You can conduct interviews and analyze the most suitable and talented resources for your project.

Inexpensive Well Rounded Resource

You can easily search professional and skilled resources, willing to work at a lower costs compared to any local service providers. It is a great opportunity for you to acquire a cost-effective custom built unique solution for your business.

Making Virtual Business Solutions Work

Virtual marketing departments and outsourced business solutions are becoming more mainstream with improved technology. Companies can outsource everything from human resources to data entry, and marketing to off-site consulting. Why not? Work previously requiring overhead can now be completed with shortened man-hours and reduced office space. It isn’t as simple as turning over the keys, however, and some of the issues that used to be uncovered during the employee hiring process may not be as apparent when hiring an entire department. Additionally, getting those issues resolved might be handled differently.

Communication is the key

It is every bit as important to communicate effectively with a virtual department as it is with an in-house department. Regular meetings should still be kept, and guidelines should still be adhered to. One of the most effective ways to work together is to schedule video or phone conferences weekly to discuss the parameters of outstanding and pending work. Staying ‘in the loop’ will allow open conversation – an opportunity to praise work well done or identify areas for improvement. At the same time, it is equally important that the outsourcing company is reachable and willing to discuss questions or concerns stemming from the virtual department.

Keep these things in mind:

Spell out exactly what is expected of your virtual department. Documentation can be helpful.
Discuss dates for product or project completion. Virtual departments work for several companies and will have requirements due to their time lines as well as the outsourcing company’s expectations. Working together will assure that goals are met.
Require accountability. What is the hierarchy within both companies for problem resolution?
Have a good attitude.

Working Smarter Should Work

If your company isn’t using collaborative tools and team effort to accomplish goals, working virtual won’t be more efficient. The end results should be easier to accomplish, not more difficult. Using something as easy as Google tools, like G-mail, Google Docs, and Google Reader can help multiple people work on, approve, and share vital information so individual tasks can be managed off-site.

Other helpful collaborative tools that help with various aspects of communication include: – Screen sharing and voice conferencing. Allows the presenter to change between screens for different screen sharing perspectives. Also provides a pointer for the other participants to comment directly on the presenter’s screen. Large file transfer ability is also a plus. – File and document sharing with up to date communication and task management in a secure environment. Allows projects to be broken into tasks and individually assigned all under one project listing. Also shares large files and comments with all or certain team members. Great for project approval due to the comment structure and editing ability. Additionally manages time for entire projects as well as individual team members. – Largest free file share I’ve seen. Easy desktop application allows a drag and drop for files, documents and images, and task bar alert when new information is included. All team members can access at the same time quickly and seamlessly. One member can drop a file in the box, and other members instantly have access to it.

Virtual Problem Resolution
Somewhere, somehow, or sometime a problem will arise. When it does, how will it be resolved? Part of that question has already been answered above. First, know the hierarchy involved within each business. Know who to go to when issues are not resolved. Second, have a good attitude – even in adversity. Nothing gets the defenses up like feeling an attack coming on, and you won’t get the resolution you’ve hoped for without practicing patient people skills.

Patient people skills? Yes. No matter what side of the circumstance you’re on. Remember that people are only people, and even if everyone is truly trying to do their best, something still may go wrong. Having a good attitude isn’t taking abuse, neglect, or irresponsibility with a smile. Rather, it’s recognizing that the whole picture may not be evident to the naked eye, and deciding you’re not going to let an issue destroy relationships.

If the situation has a poor outcome and your company has handled it well, you’ll be better prepared for the next scenario. Understand that sometimes the resolution of a problem is a parting of the ways.

Microsoft Great Plains Subcontracting – Overview for Microsoft Business Solutions Partner

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains is very popular ERP/MRP applications in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, South Africa, Latin America. Considering high number of new Microsoft Great Plains partners and the desire to subcontract occasional customization, integration and reporting projects, we would like to advise you on Microsoft Great Plains subcontracting guidelines, based on our experience in dealing with Great Plains VARs
Candidates for subcontracting:

o Great Plains Dexterity customizations – Dexterity was and still is the IDE and programming language of Great Plains, especially workstation thick interface. However since Microsoft bought Great Plains Software and formed Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions, later renamed into Microsoft Business Solutions – Dexterity became the candidate to be replaced by C# or VB.Net. The plans are the plans, but the realities of Microsoft Great Plains customization signals that Dexterity will stay another 5-7 years as IDE. However I agree with the strategy that if you are new GP reseller you don’t want to hire Dexterity programmer

o SQL Integration. We see more and more requests for Great Plains integrations with web eCommerce applications, industry specific databases: Freight Forwarding, Distribution, Logistics, Beverages, Jewelry, Furniture, Consignment. Healthcare, etc. The dilemma for the programmer is – should I know all the details of Great Plains table structure model and document workflow – or probably purchase the set of SQL stored procs to help me.

o Integration Manager with VBA/Continuum. These are traditional custom pieces. Integration Manager doesn’t allow you to switch companies during the integration, and so have the work done over night without operator’s involvement

o eConnect – this relatively new SDK from MBS, created primarily for eCommerce developer, has certain restrictions, especially with transferring Sales Order to Invoices and transactions posting. These are the restrictions of Great Plains architecture and to resolve the issue you need set of custom stored procedures

VAR should have some GP customization experience/skills:

o Great Plains Security model. Great Plains allows you to grant access to so-called alternate and modified alternate Microsoft Great Plains forms and reports – this is where you enable our customization to take over standard logic. Please, invest reasonable resources into GP basics, before you get in touch with nation-wide subcontractor